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What is cr13/hf trim

Gate valve has cast steel body and CR13/HF trim along with flanged connection. The pressure rating is lb. This valve has non-rising stem operation. Hi As per our PMS the trim is 13%Cr+HF but vendor offer 13%Cr+HFS. I want to know is both material are same or is it Trim 5(13Cr%+HF) and. Z Trim materials, including stem and base material for HF trim items, shall have a Cr For moderate pressure in corrosive, low erosive service between.

Trim Designations 1, 13 Chrome, 13 Chrome, 13 Chrome, CR 2, , , A 8, 13 Chrome against Stellite 6 facing, A or , CR + HF. trim material combinations, usually available from. Bonney Forge Valve. L [ HF. MONEL. L. MONEL. L + Asb. MONEL + PTFE. Graphite. PTFE. LF2. A Valve's trim performance is determined by the disk and seat interface and the relation of the disk . Monel T+HF NiCr Alloy ( HBN min) (CR13).

Cast Steel Buttweld Angle Valve, lb, CR13/HF Trim MIL-V Details · Placeholder. Cast Steel Buttweld Angle Valve, Pressure Seal, lb, CR13/HF . lb CR13/HF Trim Commercial OS&Y Cast Steel Flanged Gate Valve in stock from the Marine Valve Experts™ at Tork Systems. Order online today via our. Face-to-face, End-to-end, ANSI B End Flanges, ANSI B Weld Ends, ANSI B OS&Y GATE VALVE. LB. CR13/HF TRIM. 5. Trim*. Additional Options: Body Trims Options. Stem. Disc Face. Seat Face. API Trim. 1 = Special. 2 = Cr Cr HF(CoCr). 8. 3 = Cr HF (CoCr). HF(CoCr). trim for gate valves. 3. Full Stellite. 5. HF. HF. CR CR Premium trim service to. º F. Excellent for high pressure water and steam.

Gents, Please share your views on following: "As per specs valve trims are required to be of 13% Cr steel" no further details given w.r.t. material specs nor. Trim Material. 1 = CR 2 = CR13/HF**. 3 = HF/HF**. 4 = 4/2= HF**/ 4/3 = /HF**. 5 = NI CU (Monel**"). 5/2 = HF**/Monel***. 5/3 = Monel ***/HF**. Gate valves are widely used for a broad range of on/off applications in full-flow environments and in conditio. Some of these modifications include various trim changes covering stems, packing and .. HF. CR CR Premium trim service to º F. Excellent for high.

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