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What is indicative pricing

indicative price definition: the price that a share will probably sell for. Learn more. Definition of indicative price: A nominal quote for a security which is neither a firm nor binding. This preliminary estimate of the bid and offer price. DEFINITION of Indicative Quote. In forex trading, an indicative quote is a currency quote that is provided by a market maker to another counterparty. In other words, when a market maker provides an indicative quote to a trader, the market maker is not obligated to trade the given.

indicative price is the common known price in the market which is used to start negotiations with the sub contractor or a supplier that can lead to the discussion to. What is the meaning of Indicative Price? Showing results from over word lists. (1) Bid and offer price provided by a market maker for the purpose of evaluation or information, not as firm bid or offer price at which she is willing to trade.

Not an exact [pirce. Or the indicitive price is only an indication? Use it in sharedealing all the time. basically a back cover incase the price. It is a bid or offer that is not firm. The person quoting an indicative price can change their mind. indicative price definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also ' indicatively',indicate',indication',indict', Reverso dictionary, English definition, English. THE INDICATIVE PRICING INFORMATION PROVIDED HEREIN (THE “ VALUATION”) IS. BEING PROVIDED AT YOUR REQUEST FOR YOUR INFORMATION. Indicative Offer Definition - An indicative offer, also known as a letter of intent (LOI ) of a price range (or at least the method for determining the purchase price);.

Nadex members receive this live data at no charge, allowing them to view price history as well as the current price of Nadex contracts. The Indicative price is a. Looking for honest Indicative reviews? Learn more about its pricing details and check what experts think about its features and integrations. Indicative Pricing Explained. Every day our teams in our care homes across the country meet hundreds of families and individuals looking for care. Define Indicative Price. means, with respect to any Business Day and with respect to a Warehouse Location, an amount in U.S. dollars equal to the price per .

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