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"Doctor Who" Listen (S08E04 - ) quotes on planetclaireTV. The Doctor : Listen! The Doctor: Question: why do we talk out loud when we know we're. "Doctor Who" Dark Water (S08E11 - ) quotes on planetclaireTV. The Doctor We're going to hell. Or wherever it is people go when they die—if there is . Isn't anybody going to say hello? Gran: Hello. {she giggles} The Doctor: Excuse me a moment. {whispering} Listen, I've got an idea to break the.

Doctor Who “Listen” – Quotable Quotes & Points to Ponder In Listen, Clara Oswald becomes the Doctor's own Emma Grayling by guiding him with reassuring words when he was just a scared little . The last planet. A Time Lord from the planet of Gallifrey, he explores time and space with various quotes from the series made by the Doctor in all of his various incarnations. . Listen! It's the muffin man! Come on. I'll buy you all muffins. The Talons of. Planet of Giants []; The Dalek Invasion Of Earth []; The Rescue [ ] The Name of the Doctor []; The Day of the Doctor; Listen [ ] As they are all quotes involving the First Doctor, however, they are included.

3 Quotes about Clara Oswald; 4 External links Last words to the Doctor before dying, first as Oswin Oswald (in the Dalek Asylum), then as Clara Oswin Oswald. If you would like to add another quote to the page, you may first need to remove one that is already there in order to keep within the bounds . The Doctor: The great and the good are gathering to watch the planet burn. .. If you listen, engines. Now listen to me. Doctor Henderson: Doctor Lomax, I took that blood sample from an adult male patient. Don't you realise that when I was stranded on this little planet of yours, I had nothing but these clothes As they are all quotes involving the Third Doctor, however, they are included here for the sake of completion. And listen to that, underneath. Someone's (The Ood enter and Rose and the Doctor back away.) ALL OOD: DOCTOR: What's this planet called, anyway? .. Jefferson quotes Horatius, by Thomas Babington Macaulay.). DOCTOR: Listen, have you any idea how long I've been operating this Tardis .. DOCTOR: Excuse me, I'm looking for a planet called Calufrax.

The TARDIS arrives on a planet where a savage tribe called the his identity but the computer determines not to listen and bombards him with images The Doctor quotes Kipling's Barrack Room Ballads ('Be thankful you're. A page for describing Quotes: Doctor Who. Classic Series Doctors New Series Doctors . 47 quotes from Russell T. Davies: 'Doctor Who: You want weapons? We're in a Doctor: 'Lots of planets have a north! But hold on, and just listen a bit more. Off and on over the last 50 years, a dozen different British male actors have taken on the role of the Doctor, a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.

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