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Wheresmytutor complaints of a dutiful daughter

Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter is a American documentary film directed by Deborah Hoffmann, with her wife, Frances Reid, as cinematographer. With profound insight and a healthy dose of levity, COMPLAINTS OF A DUTIFUL. DAUGHTER chronicles the various stages of a mother's Alzheimer's Disease. Deborah Hoffman records and recounts the toll of Alzheimer's disease on her mother, Doris. Hoffman traces the gradual course of the disease and all that she learned as she cared for her mother. What's a daughter to do when her mother asks: "How exactly are we related?".

Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter. POV Season Trailer | 06/06/ This Academy Award-nominated film takes a moving personal story, illuminates it with . This film documents the quiet devastation of Alzheimer's disease from a daughter's perspective. Using home movie clips and up-close footage.

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